Data Analytics and Planning

The Importance of Data Analytics in Planning Planning in a Data Driven Business Humanity used to think of the world as a mystery place with abstracts, feeling oriented subjects and uncertainty. Now, a significant proportion of us see it as numbers and factors. Today, there are about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day according to Forbes ­­ [1] . In the other word, it’s more than 320 million bytes generated everyday on average by each person on earth right now. That’s for Internet, Searches, Social media and Communication, that what’s about business alone? Research tells that the average company manage 162.9 TB of data in 2016 [2] . Although it’s varied between big and small businesses, it is a huge amount of data to be managed and used properly for any entity. We have been hearing a lot about how “data is the new oil” but we do not hear much about any fancy vehicles or machines running with that new fuel. It is because we are still in the process of defining the “vehi